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2 Indonesian hostages released by their Abu Sayyaf captors
Two Indonesian hostages have been released after being held for more than a year in the southern Philippines by their Abu Sayyaf captors.
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British Airways pilot removed from plane amid fears he was drunk
Passengers on a British Airways flight left in shock after their pilot was removed from the cockpit amid fears he was drunk.
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US destroyer sails near contested reef in South China Sea angering Beijing
A U.S. Navy warship sailed close to a contested reef west of the Philippines this week drawing the ire of Beijing which issued a statement Saturday accusing the U.S. of trespassing in its territorial waters.
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VP Pence in Egypt for talks on security counterterrorism
Vice President Mike Pence is in Cairo for meetings with Egyptian leader Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi ('AHB-del fat-AH el-SEE-see') on security and counterterrorism issues.
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2 Americans 2 Canadians abducted in Nigeria are freed police say
A Nigerian police spokesman says two Americans and two Canadians who were kidnapped in north-central Kaduna state on Tuesday have been released.
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Dr. Marc Siegel: Trump had his Physical -- Now its Your Turn
Regardless of your political preferences or whether your views align with those of President Trump there’s one action he took last week that can set an important example for all of us to follow: he got a thorough physical exam and advice from his doctor on staying healthy and living longer.
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Irish nationalist party Sinn Fein nearing new leadership
Irish nationalist party Sinn Fein is taking a step toward new leadership as Mary Lou McDonald became the only candidate to replace outgoing leader Gerry Adams.
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North Korea sending 22 athletes to Winter Olympics both countries to march together
Representatives from the two Koreas have agreed on five sports in which North Korean athletes will compete in the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang South Korea.
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Trump blames Dems for shutdown calls it nice present marking his one year in office
President Trump on Saturday morning continued to blame Democrats for forcing a government shutdown overnight arguing his opponents are “far more” concerned with illegal immigration than the U.S. military and protecting the country’s southern border.
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Trumps first year: How voters in Americas heartland feel about the president
Wisconsin voters are a bit hard to stereotype or predict.
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